Monday, 13 June 2011


Packing incessantly for Glastonbury doesn't seem so worrying now that i've finished exams! 
The earliness of the packing must seem incredibly anal for those who are yet to get to know me and my organisational ego. Being more of a Wednesday Adams type I found it difficult finding a lot of the pastels and chiffons I wanted for my festival suitcase in my wardrobe. Alas, I still hold the many Topshop vouchers from my recent birthday to over-turn my wardrobe in time for this summer. Hoping that the weather will be obedient (touch wood) i'll be packing lightly with lots of injections of crochet, pastels, florals and tropical drinks to go with any tropical head gear!

This outfit is a montage to the shorts which I received as a birthday present! Unfortunately with the outfit being too dressy for any festival (other than the infamous Coachella festival) I will only be taking remnants of the look to Glastonbury. I am wearing TOPSHOP top, collar and shorts with a Vintage cameo broach.
I am still deliberating whether to pack one of my film cameras, and which one? Funding my addiction to film photography is getting far too expensive, a more-or-less cheap switch to the iphone's hipstamatic is inevitable!
These Balenciaga cut-out boots would go with the outfit so perfectly, if only....

Sunday, 12 June 2011


As a baby my auntie took it upon her hands to shave my head bald, which resulted in half of my childhood photographs of me baring an uncanny resemblance to my younger brother, and my mother being on the receiving end of perplexed looks from strangers as they questioned why she had dressed her son in a frilly dress. Of course, my mother soon grew to forgive my auntie as the overall result was good: thick hair.

After hair fantasies being a central distraction during my recent exams, as soon as my last was over, I jumped at the chance of going techni-colour- by getting mermaid green locks. I was confused to find where the colour had disappeared to in the photographs, but settled with the reality that (having dyed only the underneath layers of my hair) the colour just wasn't that obvious. I plan to re-apply the colour for Glastonbury festival (10 days now!), where i'll be pairing the green with the excessive number of flower garlands which i've bought recently- with the inevitable result of being mistaken for a nature-crazy nomad.

With my excitement for Glastonbury and this summer (and, with not ever being one to pull off the 'colour-blocking' trend), I opted for a light, floral summer look. I am wearing a long-sleeved top by Jaeger, a scallop edge vest top - Vintage, Belt by Topshop and a chiffon skirt from AA. 

And the title in case you were wondering is a branch out from one of my favourite songs by the cure: ADONAIS - as well as the name of my tumblr which can be found here!

Monday, 6 June 2011


N2K.Yep, this is yet another self-titled blog. My name is South Korean, but having lived in the UK for precisely 88% of my life, I am most definitely a London girl at heart. I'm seventeen, currently studying four subjects which (even after 9 recent exams) are still a mystery to me. I'm not a newbie to the blogosphere; I've revived blogging in the hope that this blog will bring the satisfaction which my last one failed to bring. 
I've worn this outfit far too many times now, and yes, I realise that the preppy, school-girl style does not help my oriental looks at all, but to hell with stereotypes. I've combatted the girly outfit with my chunky, power heels to give the look a hard edge. H2T.Topshop tee, heels and belt.Vest and skirt are remnants from my visit to Seoul two years ago, the British weather is making me miss cosmopolitan, summer nights in Asia. And incase you were wondering, it's not just the photographs, I am wearing the eek-worthy combination of black and navy. The back drop is downstairs in my house- a clear indication of my mother's attachment to antiques, something which, without even realising I have inherited.
Apologies, photoshop has decided to take a break, photo editing will have to wait.

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