Thursday, 21 July 2011


Nice family portrait in the background there.
Tomorrow will be the start to everything: summer- bring on the chiffon layers, the ultra-short levis, the atrociously oversized sun hats and of course plenty of photos on the disposables. In 48 hours I will be experiencing that feeling that hits you as you get off the plane to your holiday destination, the heat, the culture and the buzz of a new city always seems like a reverie, as well as the unreal feeling that summer has finally arrived. Although right now I should most definitely be packing (having only packed a inflatable beach ball and my underwear so far), I felt it only right to do a quick update as i'll be around Europe for the next three weeks!
My summer wardrobe so far has been dominated by light fabrics and pastel palettes, although it hasn't been complementary to the recent British weather. I have layered two waistcoats (one Topshop, the other Vintage) with contrasting textures, bringing them together with a Vintage cameo broach. Shoes Topshop, Skirt Seoul. I am also currently working towards achieving a Asian Blonde- however nothing paralelled to the wonders of Daul Kim's infamous blonde!
I am off to Kos in Greece, landmarking my first holiday with just my friends. Afterwards I will be off straight away to Paris (where i'm hoping to pap a few street style shots as well as a visit to AUP and Parsons!) and then Switzerland. I hope to be bringing back updates with photo journals of my visits, so long for now, email me at for more :)
Apologies for the poor photo quality, photoshop has been down.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Finally decided to brush the dust off and wear my palazzo trousers, the sheer amount of fabric they're made from is a marvel in itself. Decided to mix and match the bulky trousers with a sheer mesh (dress worn as a) top, bringing the colours together with a tweed hat- a £3 souvenir from Glasto. With the outfit seeming a bit too smart for my liking, I opted for a 'bed-head' plait- a really quite shockingly, pathetic attempt, I agree.
All Topshop, Propped with my Brownie Reflex camera.
The weeks of school I still have to endure have given me plenty of time to reminisce about last summer- the feeling of unbearably hot sand beneath my feet, foolish evenings in the sunset and embarrassingly, the smell of suncream in sync with panics of getting sun burnt. Foster the people's track Pumped up kicks will most definitely be that summer track- the one that trawls around in your mind the rest of the year until the liberation of the next summer.
Completely counteracting the laxed beach scene in my mind- here are polaroids from the photoshoot I did yesterday in the pouring rain, so typically British.
HABIN KIM PHOTOGRAPHY, photos may be used but credit must be linked back to Many thanks to Sang who modelled.
Happy to hear your thoughts!

Sunday, 3 July 2011


A handful of photographs from my Glastonbury experience, which can only be justly summarised as magical! The entire weekend is a colourful and sparkly blur to me still, filled with memories of watching our favourite artists under the gleaming sunlight. The atmosphere of the festival itself would've been enough to persuade me to live there forever- although i'm certain that the lack of showers and flushing toilets would soon catch me out. With only Reading festival to compare to, Glastonbury was like no other place, more rather a mystical land that you dream up as a child- with the added bonus of your favourite bands, the best night life and insane food. I could ramble and even sing to you about the joys of Glastonbury for days, so to avoid any of this, a video of one of my highlights: Biffy Clyro singing Mountains- Simon Neil at his best...
Swiftly returning to reality... I jumped at the chance of going down to Portsmouth for some retail therapy. I was ecstatic to find a Kurt Geiger outlet there- yes, a store where all of their shoes were one sale, I was as happy as any girl would be discovering this. Although the store was filled with this seasons  'be ready for summer' sandals, my eyes were drawn to any shoes which would fulfil my chunky heel collection. The result is these beauties which were £100 off their original price! They have definitely brightened up the three weeks of school I still have to devour before the Summer break! Outfit post with these are inevitable.

Glasto last two, photo credit to Cleo Dobson, Last three photos taken on my Canon Eo5 40D unedited.
Will be replying to comments tonight, thanks!